Sunday, 5 March 2017

How To Choose And Serve The Right Food For Asian Wedding

Food is the main source to make your Asian event memorable for you and your guests. So you have to choose the experienced Asian wedding caterers for your event. You can take caterer's reference from your known persons.If you want to host the event by yourself then you need to prepare dishes according to your event theme and timing.Food is one of the main enjoyable parts of the event. Keep below things in mind to make menu:

                                       Arrange a Great Dinner with Halal Meat

The timing of party: - The timing of party will help you to choose the right food.If you will held the party at afternoon, then you have to select snacks and lighter food.

Guest Count: - If you will invite fewer guests, then you can serve few things. You can make 2- 4 dishes for less than 10 people. If guests will more than 10 than you have to prepare more dishes.

Recipes schedule:- You need to make the menu with starter, partially and main dishes. You have to prepare some snacks as a starter, after that, you will serve food and at the end up, you  will serve desert in front of guests.

Buffet style: - If you will arrange lunch and dinner party, then buffets style is one of the best ideas to serve food.So guests will easily take food as their wish to eat. It's simple and attractive way to serve food.

Plan drinks: In night parties you should arrange the bar and beverage station, But it should far from food preparation area or kitchen. You need to serve a different kind of alcohol and soft drinks.