Friday, 17 March 2017

Recipe of Mini roasted cauliflowers with tomato sauce

A veg-packed dinner Mini roasted cauliflowers with tomato sauce, pancetta and spinach. This easy recipe takes only 35 Minutes to make a Treat for the whole family. The perfect size of the mini cauliflower heads are quick to roast, cooked with Worcestershire sauce kick in a rich tomato sauce. This tasty recipe is only 407 calories per serving and counts as 5 of your 5-a-day according to catering hire .


  • 1tbsp of olive oil
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 2 chopped carrots
  • 250g chopped mushrooms
  • 400ml tomato passata
  • 1tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 4 small whole cauliflowers
  • 8 slices of pancetta,
  • 80g bag baby spinach
  • 75g grated cheese Gruyere


  1. First of all, Heat the oven to 190C. Then in a saute pan Heat the olive oil and cook the Chopped onion, carrot and mushrooms for 10 Minutes. Now add the passata and Worcestershire sauce, and simmer for 10 Minutes.
  2. For soften Cooking, Pop the cauliflowers in the microwave for 5 Minutes. Meanwhile, grill the bacon until it remains crispy, then drain this on a kitchen paper.
  3. Take an ovenproof dish and arrange the spinach on the base of it. Top with the cauliflowers and pour over the vegetable sauce. Cover this with foil and bake it for 10 Minutes. Garnish with the crumbled bacon and cheese, then pop back in the oven for 5 Minutes to melt the cheese.

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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Do you Know About Different Kind Of Buffet Services ?

Most of the people want to hire buffet style catering for their events. It’s become more famous in parties and receptions. If you want to spend limited budget on food than buffet style catering is best way to save money with quick service and wide range of buffet food . It will put great impact on your guests, because they can choose from different kind of food to eat. We would like to share some common type of buffet services.

1. Cold Or Hot Buffet :-  If you decide that you will serve the food as buffet style , then you have to decide whether you will make cold or hot breakfast. You can choose it according to season. So you can choose cold food during the summer days and hot in winter days.  If you want to make and serve cold food then you can prepare it in advance like as: Asian wedding cakes . One more benefit of cold food is that you can serve it anytime. On the other hand if you will serve hot food then you have to prepare it quickly.  You should concentrate on quality and taste of food.

2. Fork or Finger Buffet: - The represent the type of buffet. Finger food means the food which is taken and eaten by fingers. Fork food is food which is taken by cutlery.  Most of the people want to eat pork buffets as compare to finger. In the finger buffet guests can choose and take variety of food from side table and can eat to sit in chairs. They can refill their plates several time. Mostly finger buffets is used in evening functions.
 On the other hand, Fork buffet is mixture of hot dishes and sauces. Mostly Italian and Chinese food are used in this type. People want to eat this type of food at afternoon or in earlier evening. Guests can eat take it several time.

3. Staffed and Self-service buffet: - Staff type buffet service provide in wedding parties and receptions. Guests can take food in buffets line or they can also get food at their tables. Waiters provide service to serve a food in front of guests. Staff buffet is formal as compare to other services. This type of buffet service is expensive as compare to others.  In service you can give excellent service to your guests.
At the End, There are plenty of buffet service available in different restaurants and given by catering company, so you can choose best buffet service according to your wedding theme and season. Buffet is one of the best idea to prepare and serve the food with quick service at lower cost.

Friday, 10 March 2017

How you can prepare and serve buffets meal ?

Most of the people extremely like the buffets meal in these days. All of you can eat variety of food with quick service in buffets. In buffets you have freedom to eat you desirable dishes and fruits, which display in wedding fruit display cabinet .  Diversified restaurants provide different kind of buffet services. Like as: Food Only, Food with drinks, In-house buffet service, special occasions buffets.  You can check buffet food list below.

1. Lunch buffet
2. Dinner buffet
3. Afternoon tea buffet
4. Special occasion buffet
(E.g. Finger buffet food idea, snacks, deserts, food all are delivers in this service).)

Now Catering companies also provide buffet service for your wedding and parties. So you can prepare a food menu according to your reception theme. You can also get idea for party food buffet for adults. Its great way to prepare best food for your guests at lower cost. 

Now we want to discuss how you prepare food and serve it by buffet style. First of all you need to make schedule to make and serve the food. You have to cook starters, intermediate and main food. Because food is key of success for your event.

*  You should cold buffet recipes prepared advance. Because you need more time to prepared hot and serve hot food. You can freeze cold ones in freezer. 

* In the summer you have to prepared summer buffet recipes for a crowd. In this you can add cold dishes and desserts. Drinks also play important role in summer dishes.

* Third one is hot buffet food ideas. Hot food is main part of your dishes. You have to get ideas for main hot food from internet and also can get from caterers.

* In these days many people love to eat Iceland buffet food. You need to concentrate on it as well.  Because different people have separate taste, so you have to prepared all sorts of food. Either it is cold, hot or Iceland food.

* One important thing is that you should prepare starters for your guests. You can serve finger, chines or other light food in starting. You should have serve juice and soft drinks with it.

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Monday, 6 March 2017

Benefits And Different Kind Of Buffet Services

Nowadays buffet becomes popular choice for restaurant customers.In these days most of the restaurant deals in buffets service. In the buffet, restaurant's staff serve the meal in table or sideboard and guests can eat desire dish from it. Even now people served buffet in Asian wedding venues Birmingham.

In buffets, the customer has to pay fix price and after that, they serve different kind of meals, salad, desert by themselves. They can serve and eat more than one time. different kind of buffets mention below:

1. Cafeteria Style Buffet: - In this type of buffets, costumer needs to choose the plate from different types of prices. They can take the plate with the pre-made sandwich or a plate with desert and so on.

2. Special Occasion Buffets: - In this style of buffets, restaurant offer buffets in special as: valentine's day, mother day, Christmas day and so on. Sometimes restaurants offer buffets for their promotion.

3. Caterer Buffets: - In this kind of buffet, people hire the caterer for their event and caterer to offer the food as buffets. mostly serves in off-site parties and meetings as buffets. This kind of buffets service can be held both in or off the side of restaurants.

There are plenty of benefits of buffets. First of all, the restaurant needs less staff to give excellence service to a large number of people. The second one is that people can afford it easily because some people cannot afford lunch or dinner in famous restaurants, so this is a good way to eat food at fix and low price. The third one, the customer can enjoy the large variety of food at the fix price.

Drawbacks :-

sometimes restaurant not able to provide best service in buffet due to a lot of customers. The second one is that people have to eat from served dishes, they cannot order their favorite one. Third one, restaurant's staff face problem to refilled the containers regularly.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

How To Choose And Serve The Right Food For Asian Wedding

Food is the main source to make your Asian event memorable for you and your guests. So you have to choose the experienced Asian wedding caterers for your event. You can take caterer's reference from your known persons.If you want to host the event by yourself then you need to prepare dishes according to your event theme and timing.Food is one of the main enjoyable parts of the event. Keep below things in mind to make menu:

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The timing of party: - The timing of party will help you to choose the right food.If you will held the party at afternoon, then you have to select snacks and lighter food.

Guest Count: - If you will invite fewer guests, then you can serve few things. You can make 2- 4 dishes for less than 10 people. If guests will more than 10 than you have to prepare more dishes.

Recipes schedule:- You need to make the menu with starter, partially and main dishes. You have to prepare some snacks as a starter, after that, you will serve food and at the end up, you  will serve desert in front of guests.

Buffet style: - If you will arrange lunch and dinner party, then buffets style is one of the best ideas to serve food.So guests will easily take food as their wish to eat. It's simple and attractive way to serve food.

Plan drinks: In night parties you should arrange the bar and beverage station, But it should far from food preparation area or kitchen. You need to serve a different kind of alcohol and soft drinks.

Friday, 3 March 2017

How to Start Catering Business With Different Kind Catering Services

Nowadays catering is one of the best sources to earn desirable income. But if you want to start it, then you should be familiar with catering services. Because catering is the main aspect in Indian wedding venues and parties. You should know about different kind of catering services in diversified events. E.g. (Food only, afternoon tea, tapas near me and so on). You should have the capability to handle all sorts of catering. Here is the list of catering services.
* Full Catering Service: - In this type of service caterer manage whole arrangement. Like as: hotel, restaurant, club booking, food and drinks. Sometime caterer has to arrange decoration and photographer as well. It’s most expensive service and in this kind, the caterer can earn more money. Customer who have not enough time to the arrangement of these things, they choose this service.
* At Your place or In House: - In this service clients want to arrange events at your restaurant and hotel. So whole arrangement and food responsibility are yours. In this case, there are fewer chances of mistakes and any other issue, because you can manage all things easily. You can provide best services in this catering service.
* Serving staff, Drinks and Food: - Caterer have only serving staff and food responsibility in this option. Other arrangement held by the customer. Sometime caterer has to manage tables and chairs. It’s a good deal for both ends. So caterer can give best staff service and food to guests.
* Only Foodservice: - People who want to arrange parties in the limited budget, they choose this one. In this service catering company only provide food service to clients. In small events, caterer delivers prepared food. Sometimes clients need to make food at their location. All other things manage by clients. Mostly people take this service when they arranged events in their house and farm house.

So if you want to start catering business then you should have the ability to manage all above services. One more thing quality is much important in all types of catering services.

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If cooking is your hobby and you want to make it profession. So you can start small catering business. It’s not necessary to start big catering company and initially providing all catering services. You can start with small company, desert or coffee bar, afternoon tea and so on. After establish your business properly then you can grow it and contact with many more restaurants. like as : Raaj. Firstly you have to plan business strategy .You have to follow below things to start business.

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1. You should buy necessary things for your catering business. For example, catering equipment, Dishwasher, freezer. You will also require to cooler, air condition and accessories to keep food hot. You also need equipment to transport food and serving dishes.

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2. You need to make catering menu according to your expertise. By research other restaurants, you can make menu. You need to add your special dishes and dishes which people like most in your area. Price should be less than your competitor but it should be profitable. You need to make strategy of cost to make dish and profit on it. You cannot compromise with quality.

3. You have to get license and certificates for your company from food department. Be careful about the terms and conditions while you applying license. Your kitchen safety equipment should match the requirements. You also need to get permission for working extra hours. You can take help from your local business development center.

4. After that you have to make marketing plan, First of all make your business cards. You can also release the templates. Now a day’s social marketing is best idea to publish your business among the society. So you need to make your website or blog. You can also publish your business in local directories. Social sites like (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and so on) can beneficial for you.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Consider Below Things Before Finalizing The Deal With Catering Company

To provide brilliant food and drinks are the main keys of successful event. Food put good impression on our guests with light music. So You need to choose best catering services to present the best food in front of guests. its not necessary that expensive caterers are good food makers. First of all we need to ensure services and food of catering company. Food quality and services should be best, like as : Raaj. Keep in mind below things before finalizing the deal with caterer.

1. You need to know Guest's preferences

If your wish to make good impression on guests, so you need to know about which type of food they prefer to eat,For examples(Chinese,Italian, continental and many more). Its your duty to provide the healthy food to your guests. You  can do this by survey inquiry about their taste and drinks.You can send survey form along with invitation cards. after that you can set the menu and find out the catering company which will suitable for your menu.

2.Check catering company's Licence, Services and certificates

Its our first duty to know that caterer have licence and certificates of food and drinks. After that you know about their full package and services which they will provide in package. 


You should set your budget to provide best food to your guests. So ensure that catering company provide all necessary services in your budget. When planning for food to ensure that it will be memorable for you and your guests. You should visit several catering companies for best services in desirable budget.

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